CRC 1411 poster session takes place in person!

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Photo: Robin Klupp Taylor

After 16 months of online seminars, workshops, project meetings and even poster sessions, from 19-21 July 2021 researchers of CRC 1411 gathered for the largest in person event since the kick-off meeting. As a follow-up to the successful online review meeting in June 2021, a poster session was held in the foyer of the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Films. The objective was to facilitate the intensification of scientific exchange, which, despite the best efforts of all participants of the CRC, has been limited to largely online interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to enable sufficient mixing between CRC 1411 researchers and principal investigators at the same time as conforming to the hygiene regulations, the event was divided into three afternoon sessions on three consecutive days. On the first day all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers were present while on the subsequent days half of them attended along with all of the principal investigators. To support the researchers, including our Mercator fellows and advisory board, who were unable to attend, a “digital twin” of the event was provided through MURAL, the online whiteboard platform which has been indispensable at CRC online events over the last 9 months:

“Digital twin” of the July 2021 CRC 1411 Poster Session on MURAL (Design: Robin Klupp Taylor)


Each subproject provided a poster and over the total 6 hours of the event, many stimulating discussions were had by all, which will hopefully lead to fruitful collaborative developments in the CRC research. A further welcome activity that was not possible to enjoy for quite some time took place following the session on the 20 July: CRC 1411 participants retreated to a nearby beer garden and spent a relaxing warm summer’s evening, with hope of many more like it to follow in the near future!