Lecture Cycle (Ringvorlesung) of CRC 1411

Purpose of the Lecture Cycle (Ringvorlesung)

As CRC 1411 is a highly interdisciplinary undertaking it is essential that participants develop a common language and have an overview of the basic fundamentals of each other’s fields. With this in mind, a lecture cycle was given in summer semester 2020. Each of the thirteen 90 minute lectures was presented by a different PI, with two tandem lectures also included. Where possible fundamentals of the fields were presented with direct reference to the goals of CRC 1411. Attendance of the course was mandatory for iRTG-ParSciTech members and many members of participating institutes also joined.

Lecture Videos and Slides

All lectures were recorded and are permanently available for streaming (and the slides for downloading). Future members of the iRTG-ParSciTech will be able to watch the lectures in return for credit in the qualification programme.

For access to the StudON page or a link to a downloadable version of the lectures please contact Robin Klupp Taylor.

Timetable and contents

All lectures took place at 10.15 and due to the COVID-19 related restrictions on classroom activities during Summer Semester 2020 they were broadcast live over Zoom.

Lecture Number Date Topic Lecturer(s)
1 15.06.2020 Fundamentals of product design: Property and process functions
2 17.06.2020 Particle electrodynamics
3 22.06.2020 Drying processes
4 24.06.2020 Fundamentals of porous materials
5 29.06.2020 Particle synthesis
6 01.07.2020 Characterisation of porous materials
7 06.07.2020 Self-organisation: a theoretical and practical overview
8 08.07.2020 Fundamentals of particle chromatography
9 13.07.2020 Methods for single particle characterisation
10 15.07.2020 Methods for ensemble characterisation: Analytical Ultracentrifugation
11 20.07.2020 Modelling particle transport
12 22.07.2020 Modelling particle interactions
13 27.07.2020 Optimisation of properties and processes