Membership Application

If you are a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher working on a topic which will directly contribute to a CRC 1411 project we ask you to register as a member of the iRTG-ParSciTech so that you can benefit fully from the offered support, network and activities. This is especially important if your position is going to be funded (even temporarily) by the CRC 1411.


There are four different categories of iRTG-ParSciTech membership (you must specify on your membership application):

  • Full membership – Doctoral researchers who anticipate their participation in CRC 1411 to last at least 12 months and will take part fully in the iRTG-ParSciTech qualification programme
  • Associate membership – Doctoral researchers in participating institutions who are working in the broader field of Particle Science and Technology. Membership brings access to the mentoring, qualification programme and course offerings of the iRTG-ParSciTech.
  • Postdoc membership – Postdoctoral researchers who will contribute to CRC 1411 for any length of time. Membership brings access to events, courses, travel funds etc.

Privacy statement regarding the recording and use of personal data which you provide during the application procedure.

Submit your application for iRTG-ParSciTech membership