CRC 1411 – Design of Particulate Products

The key objective and long-term vision of Collaborative Research Centre 1411 is the targeted design of particulate products by rigorous optimisation based on predictive structure-property and process-structure functions. Particulate products, as considered in this CRC, consist in the simplest case of dispersed single particles and in more complex cases of hierarchically organised assemblies of particles in the form of supraparticles, thin films or stationary phases for chromatographic separation. We target scientific breakthroughs in the product engineering of nanoparticles with optimised optical properties produced by continuous synthesis directly coupled to property-specific classification of nanoparticles by chromatography. These challenges will be addressed from different perspectives in four strongly interlinked research areas. These will be underpinned by the development of joint methodologies in synthesis, classification, characterisation as well as modelling, simulation, and optimisation.

With confirmation of funding for CRC 1411 (see the DFG press release from 25.11.2019) we are working at full pace to set up the structures and projects in time for the official funding start on 01.01.2020. As part of this, and particularly to support recruitment we have created this dedicated websit...