Work and Family

The CRC recognises the importance of a healthy work-life balance for the motivation, well-being and productivity of all involved personal and actively pursuits a family-friendly environment. We explicitly recognise that a modern family structure can involve different scenarios, including single parents, same-sex partnerships, dual careers, the active involvement of fathers in raising children or home-nursing of elderly family members. This diversity prevents one-size-fits-it-all strategies and requires flexible and individual solutions to be used by any involved researcher, regardless of sex or age. The following flexible measures will forge a family-friendly research environment:

  • Ensuring flexible, family-friendly working hours for all employees.
  • Creating home office places and part-time working possibilities where necessary, for example for pregnant members of the CRC.
  • Mediate contacts with the dual career service of the FAU for all members of the CRC to support the recruitment of high potential researchers and organise temporary family-friendly housing via the accommodation service of FAU.
  • Allocating day care places for new members of the CRC and new children of existing members.
  • Providing access to emergency child care on individual, flexible and short-term basis.
  • Coverage of childcare during holiday periods and CRC-related meetings and conferences (in collaboration with the FAU Family office)
  • Creating parent-child offices with suitable and safe infrastructure, toys and books for different age groups.