PI Frauke Liers presents at ARIADNETechNat Master 2022 Kickoff Meeting

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As part of the ARIADNETechNat master 2022, PI Frauke Liers, Professor for Optimization under Uncertainty & Data Analysis, gave an overview of optimization problems as they appear in energy, engineering, and the Natural sciences, together with some insight into how to solve them. She shared some personal impressions from her personal career path.

Frauke Liers studied mathematics with a minor in physics and received her doctorate in computer science from the University of Cologne in 2004, where she habilitated in 2010. As part of the Emmy Noether Programme of the German Research Foundation, she led a junior research group. In 2012, she moved to FAU as Professor of Applied Mathematics and in 2021 as a founding member of the new Department of Data Science.

ARIADNETechNat is the career mentoring programme for young female scientists at FAU’s Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences. The programme supports and accompanies female students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers and W1 professors individually on their academic qualification path.

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