CRC 1411 Researchers Honoured at DECHEMA Conference

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Left: Nabi Traoré (Project A01) receives the prize for the best presentation in the section "Interface-Dominated Systems and Processes" from Prof. Dr. Doris Segets (University of Duisburg-Essen). Right: Lukas Hartmann (Project B04) receives the prize for the best presentation in the section "Particle Measurement Technology" from Dr. Rainer Friehmelt (BASF SE).

CRC 1411 research was showcased at the annual meeting of the DECHEMA/VDI specialist groups on Interface-Dominated Systems and Processes, Crystallization, Mechanical Liquid Separation, and Particle Measurement Technology. This event, held from 27-28 February 2024 at the DECHEMA headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, was attended by more than 175 scientists and engineers from academia and industry. In total there were 15 contributions from FAU-based researchers, 7 of those by CRC 1411 members:

  • Project A01: Targeted property design of silver-gold alloy nanoparticles. Oral presentation by Nabi Traoré in the session “Particle functionalization and process design”
  • Project A03: Yield and morphological analysis of flow-synthesized patchy particles. Flash talk and Poster Presentation by Julia Seifert in the session “Particle measurement”
  • Project A04: Tuning the morphology of spray-dried supraparticles. Oral presentation by Huanhuan Zhou in the session “Particle functionalization and process design”
  • Project B04: Size and shape classification of nanoparticles by size-exclusion chromatography. Oral presentation by Lukas Hartmann in the session “Suspension methods for particle measurement”
  • Project C04: Multidimensional characterization of complex nanoparticles by DGE-AUC experiments. Oral presentation by Paola Cardenas Lopez in the session “Multidimensional characterisation in suspensions”
  • Project C04: Multidimensional Analysis using Flow Cytometry and Single Particle Light Scattering Technology. Oral presentation by Moritz Moß in the session “Multidimensional characterisation in suspensions”
  • In situ spectroscopic and analytical techniques to unravel the formation mechanisms of particles. Oral presentation by Dr. Monica Distaso in the session “Particle design”

With all talks sparking enthusiastic discussions, the conference provided an excellent platform for CRC 1411 researchers to engage with key stakeholders in academia and industry, facilitating a vibrant exchange of ideas and fostering collaborations that will drive future innovations in particle technology.

At the end of the conference, prizes were awarded for the best oral presentations and posters in the four DECHEMA/VDI specialist groups represented. Here, two CRC 1411 researchers, Nabi Traoré and Lukas Hartmann, both from the Institute of Particle Technology, were honoured for their presentations in the  Interface-Dominated Systems and Processes, and Particle Measurement Technology sections. Congratulations! The strong presence and success of CRC 1411 at this event underscores the center’s continuing pivotal role in shaping the future of materials design, characterization, and processing technologies. These are all key components of the broader efforts to tackle current and future challenges in sustainable development and technological innovation.