Call for Digital Outreach Projects

In order to showcase the CRC online and promote creative collaboration within the iRTG-ParSciTech during the current period of strict social distancing rules, we announce the CRC 1411 public digital outreach competition. Small teams of iRTG members should produce digital projects which should be hosted (the front end at least) on the CRC website. Where possible “in house” portals (, StudON etc) should be used. Examples of possible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • A short video spot advertising the work of (part of) the CRC
  • An interactive experiment/simulation relating to the CRC
  • An interactive or static learning module which leads, at a suitable target level (e.g. primary, secondary school or general public), the audience through the science and technical relevance of a selected fundamental topic of CRC 1411. Should be hostable on StudON or the CRC 1411 website
  • An online event (in German) particularly targeted to the public of the Nuremberg metropolitan area (note that the Lange Nacht 2021 has been shifted to 2022!)
  • A competition where the public can engage with the CRC’s activities and win prizes

All members of the iRTG, regardless of membership category are eligible to enter in teams of 2-4 persons. In order to ensure sufficient orthogonality of the projects, teams are required to pre-register their concept by 15 March 2021 at the form on StudON. The CRC board will review the submitted projects and will provide feedback prior to their development. The deadline for completion of the project will be 15 May 2021. The projects will be presented to the CRC at an online event and prizes for the first (€750), second (€500) and third (€250) best projects will be awarded*. The decision on the best projects will be made by the CRC board in consultation with public relations or digital teaching experts where appropriate.



*All submitted entries which are judged to satisfy the task of representing CRC 1411 to an online audience will be used, irrespective of the result of the competition. The CRC 1411 board retains the right to request minor modifications to the proposed initiative or online content after submission of the project and prior to its (online) launch.