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The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) organized last 9 February the Global Women Breakfast (GWB) initiative under the motto: “Empowering Diversity in Science”. For more information, please visit this link: Considering that very few wom...

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PI Prof. Vogel and his team introduce research topics of the group. We see how biological functionalities such as the self-cleaning surfaces of plants or the shining colors of animals can be reproduced in the lab by controlling the structure of materials using self-assembly processes.

Category: CRC 1411 Event News

With confirmation of funding for CRC 1411 (see the DFG press release from 25.11.2019) we are working at full pace to set up the structures and projects in time for the official funding start on 01.01.2020. As part of this, and particularly to support recruitment we have created this dedicated websit...