Outreach: Learn more about the work of the Collaborative Research Centre 1411

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This page is intended to give school pupils, teachers and other interested parties an overview of the work of SFB 1411. For a comprehensive introduction to the goals, challenges and methods of the project, as well as some related interactive activities, please see the presentation below.

If you have any questions about the topics of the presentation, please post them on the corresponding MURAL.

Here you will find individual versions (and supplementary details) of the 4 contributions within the above presentation, which were created by members of our integrated Research Training Group in Particle Science and Technology:

Why silver is not silver and gold is not golden

Video produced by Julia Seifert, Andreas Völkl und Markus Biegel, Institute of Particle Technology.

Home Experiment - Candy Chromatography

Video produced by Madhura Joshi, Erlangen Center for Interface Research and Catalysis and Zhuang Wang and Amin Said Amin, Chair of Particle Science and Technology, University of Duisburg-Essen

Robust chromatography: Demonstration and interactive challenge!

Interactive challenge developed by Jana Dienstbier, Optimization under Uncertainty & Data Analysis Research Group, Dr. Jan Rolfes, Chair of Analytics & Mixed-Integer Optimization and Malvina Supper, Institute of Separation Science and Technology

Welcome to our chromatography challenge “Guess the retention time”. First watch the video below and then take the challenge at this MURAL (interactive online whiteboard). We wish you a lot of fun.

Interactive Chromatography Simulation

Interactive simulation developed by Nydia Varela Rosales, Federico Tomazic und Navid Panchi, Modelling of Self-Organization Processes Research Group

Watch the instruction video below and then try out the interactive simulation yourself here.