Digital lecture cycle on fundamental topics of CRC 1411 complete

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CRC 1411 involves researchers from a wide range of backgrounds spanning the engineering and physical sciences and mathematics. Success of the consortium will rely on close cooperation between researchers working on the participating projects. To lay a foundation for this and to foster a common interdisciplinary language a lecture cycle (German: Ringvorlesung) covering the fundamentals of CRC 1411 topics presented by the PIs was planned for the first funding year 2020. While the lecture cycle was initially postponed due to the COVID-19 situation in anticipation of a return to face-to-face classroom activities, realisation that this was unfortunately not imminent led to the CRC 1411 Board deciding to implement the lecture cycle as a purely digital event in the second half of the summer semester. Therefore, starting on 15 June 2020 lectures were held twice weekly in the form of live presentations over Zoom. 16 of the CRC 1411 PIs held 90 minute lectures in the cycle which included three tandem lectures. The sessions were always well-attended by an audience of at least 30 persons, including iRTG-ParSciTech members, other researchers from participating institutes and the occasional curious PI. All lectures were recorded and post-edited and the videos and lecture slides made conveniently available via a dedicated H5P-based graphical interface on the StudON pages of CRC 1411. Therefore future generations of researchers in CRC 1411 and beyond will be able to benefit from this lecture cycle.

For more information on the lecture topics and links to the videos see the permanent page on this website.