CRC1411 at “Die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften”

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On October 21st our researchers presented the basic scientific principles of the research of CRC1411 and its recent outcome to the general public.

We gave visitors an hands on feeling of what we do with simple experiments on how nanostructuring materials gives rise to optical proprieties. Our researchers Paola Cardenas Lopez, Alexandra Helmer, Johannes Schöttner and Jonathan Martín González brilliantly explained to curious attendees what our research consists in and why is it relevant.
Our 2nd FP PI Dr. Benjamin Apeleo Zubiri discussed with the public how color works, and how it is possible to take inspiration from nature to create new optically active devices.

The activities were coordinated by the 2nd FP Outreach project PI Giulia Magnabosco.

We are looking forward to the next LNdW!