Niki awarded a prize at the science slam “Um uns die Nature”

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On April 15th Niki presented how structural color works at the science slam »Um uns die Nature« jointly organized by the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung and the Frankfurter Museums-Gesellschaft e.V. at the Opera house in Frankfurt and was awarded the second Prize for his presentation. During his talk, he described how nature is a source of inspiration for scientists looking for new concepts to exploit in their research. In particular, structural color is a well-known example of bioinspiration. Starting showing how the beautiful Morpho butterflies achieve their brilliant blue color, he described how structural color can be applied in the lab to create colored materials without pigments as well as responsive materials with potential application as sensors. This concept is one of the core concepts of CRC1411, where colloidal assemblies with optical proprieties are produced and characterized. This presentation is an important contribution to the outreach efforts of our CRC.