Monthly Seminar of the iRTG-ParSciTech

Purpose of the Monthly Seminar

The monthly seminar of the iRTG-ParSciTech is an important event regarding the continuous discussion and monitoring of the progress of CRC 1411. In a relaxed, interdisciplinary atmosphere, iRTG-ParSciTech members present the latest results from their projects  to their colleagues as wells as CRC PIs and guests. Due to the COVID-19 situation the Monthly Seminar could first start in July 2020 as a hybrid event. The timetable for the first cycle of all projects can be found below.


Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are at 10.15 on the first Thursday of every month. The venue is Kursaal I (Hanns-Hoffmann-Hörsaal) in Cauerstrasse 4. The seminar is also broadcast over Zoom (link provided by email and on StudON). As long as COVID-19 restrictions on events are in place: To attend in person please sign on to the  appropriate StudON session or contact Monica Distaso.

2nd July 2020
Project A01:  Markus Biegel

Formation dynamics of coloured particles

Project D05: Christoph Geist

Topology, material and shape optimisation for particle ensembles

5th August 2020
Project A03: Andreas Völkl

Continuous flow synthesis of patchy particles with designed resonances and interactions

Project D01: Andreas Baer

Molecular modelling of surface and particle interactions

September 2020
Summer break
1st October 2020
Project B01: Umair Sultan

Synthesis of hierarchical porous materials for nanoparticle chromatography

Project A04: Madhura Joshi

Nanoparticulate metal-organic framework

5th November 2020
Project A05: Gudrun Bleyer

Defined self-assembly of structural colour pigments

Project D03: Adeel Muneer

Unifying mathematical framework for synthesis and chromatographic separation of nanoparticles

3rd December 2020
Project C03: Matthias Knoll and Wenchang Wu

Characterisation of diffusion of nanoparticles

Project D04: Federico Tomazic

Modelling particle aggregation and assembly into optimal structures

14th January 2021
Project B03: Carola Schlumberger

Textural properties of porous materials for particle chromatography

Project D06: Jana Dienstbier

Quality control by robust optimisation

4th February 2021
Project B04: Lukas Gromotka
Fundamentals of nanoparticle chromatography
Project C01: Dominik Drobek
Microscopic 3D characterisation of functional particles and pore structures
4th March 2021
Project B05: Malvina  Supper
Process concepts for size-selective nanoparticle chromatography
Project C02: Dorothea Wisser
Characterisation of functionalised surfaces
1st April 2021
Project B02: David Panduro Vela
Creation of functional particles and porous structures by spray drying
Project D02: Paolo Malgaretti

Modelling transport of nanoparticles

6th May 2021
Project A02: Zhuang Wang
Tailored hierarchical semiconductors
Project C04: Paola Cardenas Lopez
Multidimensional characterisation of nanoparticle ensembles
10th June 2021
Project A05: Eric Görlitzer
Defined self-assembly of structural colour pigments

Presentation Video Archive

Videos of the presentations are available to stream after the event at the CRC 1411 StudON page. For access please contact Monica Distaso.


Dr. Monica Distaso

Scientific Coordinator of the iRTG-ParSciTech

Institute of Particle Technology
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg