CRC 1411 International Symposium

An interdisciplinary event highlighting advances in functional nanoparticle synthesis, particle chromatography, and the numerical and characterization tools which support these

To coincide with the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center 1411 entering its fourth year, we are holding a 2-day International Symposium from 20-21 March 2023. The event will bring together researchers from around the world to showcase the latest progress in the targeted design of particulate products supported by rigorous optimization of structure-property and process-structure functions. Based around our four research areas, the symposium will feature keynote talks by leading experts and rising stars in the field in addition to talks by CRC 1411 researchers. The programme will also include a poster session, providing attendees with the opportunity to network and engage with cutting edge results from one of the hottest areas of particulate science and technology.
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  • Date/Time: Monday 20 March (symposium starts at 08:30 CET) and Tuesday 21 March 2023 (symposium ends at approx. 17:00 CET)
  • Location: FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, South Campus
  • Hybrid event: All speakers will be present in Erlangen. To promote scientific discussions in the breaks and poster sessions attendees are strongly encouraged to participate in person. Those unable to travel to Erlangen will be provided with a link where they can follow the proceedings via zoom
  • Participation fee: Attendance of the symposium is free of charge and includes coffee breaks, lunch on both days and a light buffet dinner during he poster session
  • Posters: In-person attendees may present a poster at the Monday evening session as long as they submit their registration, along with a title and abstract by 5 March 2023. Due to space requirements the organizers reserve the right to reject posters which do not have a strong connection to the main topics of CRC 1411.


    In-person registration is now closed! If you wish to attend online, please click the link below:
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    Download the programme flyer here

    Monday 20 March

    Arrival and welcome

    08:00 Arrival and registration
    08:45 Welcome address Wolfgang Peukert

    CRC 1411 Coordinator

    Session 1: Porous materials and nanoparticle chromatography (09:00 - 12:15)

    Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium 09:45 Mesoporous material polymer functionalization and resulting properties Annette Andrieu Brunsen

    TU Darmstadt, Germany 10:30 Coffee break  10:50 Watching paint dry – From colloidal droplets to complex nanostructures Arash Nikoubashman

    Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany 11:35 Synthesis of hierarchical porous materials for nanoparticle chromatography (CRC 1411 Project B01) Umair Sultan

    Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering, FAU 11:55 Chromatographic classification of gold nanoclusters and nanoparticles by liquid chromatography (CRC 1411 Project B04) Lukas Gromotka

    Institute of Particle Technology, FAU

    Lunch (12:15 - 13:20)

    From 12:15 to 13:20 Lunch will be served in the cafeteria. Lunch vouchers will be provided.

    Session 2: Functional nanoparticles (13:20 - 15:10)

    Kyoto University, Japan 14:05 Continuous flow synthesis of patchy particles with tailored morphology and optical properties (CRC 1411 Project A03) Julia Seifert

    Nanostructured Particles Research Group, FAU 14:25 Luminescent Nanoparticles: Photophysics, Mechanistic Studies, and Applications Ute Resch-Genger

    Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Germany

    Coffee break (15:10 - 15:30)

    Session 3: From structure to function for optical materials (15:30 - 16:55)

    Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research 16:15 Strategies for increased color saturation in colloidal photonic crystals (CRC 1411 Project A05) Gudrun Bleyer

    Self-Assembled Materials Research Group, FAU 16:35 Topology, material and shape optimization for particle ensembles (CRC 1411 Project D05) Nico Nees

    Chair of Continuous Optimization, FAU

    Round Table Discussion - Diversity in STEM fields: Ongoing experiences with active promotion (17:00 - 18:00)

    Ana-Sunčana Smith and Nicolas Vogel

    Poster session and buffet in IZNF (from 18:00)

    Tuesday 21 March

    Session 4: Comprehensive characterization (09:00 - 12:35)

    Friedrich Schiller University Jena 09:45 Multidimensional nanoparticle property characterization using sedimentation analytics (CRC 1411 Project C04) Paola Cardenas Lopez

    Institute of Particle Technology (Advanced Colloid Characterization Group), FAU 10:05 Characterisation of functionalised surfaces and porous materials (CRC 1411 Project B03) Carola Schlumberger

    Institute of Separation Science & Technology, FAU 10:25   Coffee break  10:45 Spectroscopic electron microscopy in two and three dimensions Georg Haberfehlner

    Graz University of Technology, Austria 11:30  Towards micron-scale 3D imaging with atomic detail Philipp Pelz

    FAU, Germany 12:15 Scale-bridging tomography of hierarchical porous materials for chromatography applications (CRC 1411 Project C01) Benjamin Apeleo Zubiri

    Institute of Micro- and Nanostructure Research, FAU

    Lunch (12:35 - 13:45)

    From 12:35 to 13:45 Lunch will be served in the cafeteria. Lunch vouchers will be provided.

    Session 5: Design and optimization (13:45 - 16:55)

    Moscow State University, Russia 14:30 A multi-scale model hierarchy for material flow problems Simone Göttlich

    University of Mannheim, Germany 15:15   Coffee break  15:30 Continuous flow synthesis and population-balance modelling of InP quantum dots (CRC 1411 Project A02) Zhuang Wang

    Chair of Particle Science and Technology, UDE 15:50 The Design of Particulate Products: An Approach Based on Reliable, Minimum, Pseudo-Elementary Step Mechanisms Plus Mechanism-Enabled Population-Balance Modeling Richard Finke

    Colorado State University 16:35 Design of particulate products: From synthesis to color (CRC 1411 Project D03) Lukas Pflug

    Chair of Continuous Optimization, FAU

    Close and departure (from 16:55)

    The coordinator of the CRC 1411 for the proposed next funding period, Nicolas Vogel, will make some closing remarks.

    Keynote speakers

    Our visiting speakers are grouped according to which CRC 1411 research area they most closely correspond to. The symposium programme will combine both research area specific and interdisciplinary sessions.

    Research Area A – Formation of Functional Particles

    Andreas Fery - Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery
    Institute of Physical Chemistry and Polymer Physics
    Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research

    Research Profile

    Richard Finke - Colorado State University

    Prof. Richard Finke
    Colorado State University

    Research Profile

    Ute Resch-Genger - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

    Dr. rer. nat. Ute Resch-Genger
    Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)
    Research Profile

    Satoshi Watanabe - Kyoto University

    Prof. Satoshi Watanabe
    Surface Control Engineering Laboratory
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    Kyoto University

    Research Profile


    Research Area B – Particle Chromatography

    Annette Andrieu Brunsen - Technical University of Darmstadt

    Prof. Dr. Annette Andrieu Brunsen
    Smart membranes Group
    Department of Chemistry
    Technical University of Darmstadt

    Research Profile

    Gert Desmet - Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Prof. Gert Desmet
    Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Research Profile


    Research Area C – Comprehensive Characterization

    Georg Haberfehlner - Technical University of Graz

    Dr. Georg Haberfehlner
    Institute of Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis
    Technical University of Graz

    Research Profile

    Ivo Nischang - Friedrich Schiller University Jena

    PD Dr. Ivo Nischang
    Jena Center for Soft Matter
    Friedrich Schiller University Jena

    Research Profile

    Philipp Pelz - FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

    Prof. Dr. Philipp Pelz
    Computational Materials Microscopy Group
    Institute of Micro- and Nanostructure Research
    Department of Materials Engineering
    FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

    Research Profile

    Research Area D – Modelling and Optimisation

    Simone Göttlich - University of Mannheim

    Prof. Dr. Simone Göttlich
    Scientific Computing Research Group
    School of Business Informatics and Mathematics
    University of Mannheim

    Research Profile

    Arash Nikoubashman - Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

    Dr. Arash Nikoubashman
    Leader of Heisenberg Group “In silico – From theoretical models to bio-inspired materials”
    Institute of Physics
    Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

    Research Profile

    Olga Vinogradova - Moscow State University

    Prof. Dr. Olga Vinogradova
    Laboratory of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
    Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Modified Surfaces
    Moscow State University

    Research Profile